Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Colin will have 2 siblings come the fall

Nope - not talking about Lil J.

We just found out that Colin's father's wife is pregnant and due in August. So, he will have siblings that are only about a month apart.

I am not mad over the news, I knew it could happen. But, what bothers me the most is that now in addition to not really knowing his father, he will not know a sibling as well.

Colin sees his father maybe 2x a year. Which means that he will see this child maybe 2x a year. It just makes me sad that Colin will not have a relationship with this child.

Yes, in a few years Colin will be driving (gasp), but what 17+ yr old is gonna want to drive 3+ hours to see a toddler? Yes, it is very possible that as they get older they may have some kind of relationship, but that won't come for a long long time.

On another note, it would be really funny if we both picked out the same names lol

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Gibson Twins said...

Wow! That is crazy similar to my own situation that (of course) I have to share now: My mom and stepmom were pregnant at the same time, stepmom delivered in April, mom delivered in May, both girls. I never knew how awesome the age difference between them and myself would be (12 yrs) now- they are so so awesome with my twins, it works out perfectly.
Grats on the great 20 week appt!!!

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