Friday, March 13, 2009

So Good!!!!

Lil J is great. He is super sweet and really smart. Seriously, he knows all his colors, letters, numbers, learns new words in a second and new songs after the first go around.

He is well behaved too. We only had an issue when we had to leave the park. But, what 3 yr old really wants to leave the park :)

Yesterday was our first full day, and I am trying to figure out a routine. I know we will get it real soon. I really want him to take a nap and I have been successful for the 2 days that he has been here, so I hope that trend sticks around.

Yesterday and today both naps were in the afternoon, so I am going to plan my day around those naps. It was neat, today we actually ventured out! We went to Target and Babies R Us to get some things that we did not realize that we needed. Oh, and a new gate so the pregnant lady does not fall down the stairs while trying to climb over said gate LOL.

But, it was just things like sippy cups, the juice that he likes, kids meds (just in case), kids toothpaste, a binder to keep all his stuff organized, tub toys, etc.

It was cute, I was thinking about getting a cheap umbrella type stroller. I was not sure if a 3 yr old was still in a stroller, but figured that an umbrella stroller is cheap enough that even if we never use it, it would be no big deal.

So, we are in BRU and all of a sudden he says, "that my stroller", lucky for me it was a $20 umbrella stroller. So, I bought it. Of course I had to do the rest of my shopping with him in the stroller and me pushing both the stroller and pulling the cart. Good times.

We are also going to need a new carseat - well, two - one for each car. We had one carseat, but when we installed it, we realized that it only goes upto 40 pounds. Lil J is about 34 pounds, so I guess I should start shopping around. Kind of annoying because I thought the one we had went up to 65 pounds. No big deal though.

So, that is the update. I hope to have time to keep this blog updated, 3 yr olds are a lot of work! (but I love every second of it :)


Christi said...

so glad it's going well... I'm so happy for you guys and lil J, I soooo wish we could see pictures but I know, we can't. :( I just have the cutest and sweetest little boy pictured in my head... you are so lucky to have found each other!

Lana said...

I am glad to see that it is going so well with Little J. He is a really lucky child. I hope that everything works out for him. Oh how I would just love to see what he looks like.

theworms said...

Sounds like everything is going really well. 3 year olds are fun :)

Gibson Twins said...

So happy to hear all is well!

Carseats are such a bummer imo. My twins are about 30 and 33 lbs (just over 2 yrs) and their carseats only go up to 40 lbs also. I will just switch to high back boosters when they hit age 3 or 40 lbs because I'm an idiot and didn't buy the Nauti's the first time.

Good luck figuring out a routine for your family. Whenever I think I have it figured out with nap times, they switch it up on me again! lol I make mine nap even if they don't sleep, it's quiet time for all :)

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