Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My mom usually calls me on St. Patrick's Day to remind me that xx many years ago I told her I was pregnant. That phone call was 15 years ago. Wow, that is a long time ago. But, I seriously remember it like it was yesterday.

My life has changed so much in 15 years, I just can't believe how fast that has gone.

Colin is now a teenager, I married the love of my life, I now have a little guy in the house, and I am now pregnant again. Even though there have been a lot of unexpected paths in my life, I really would not change a bit of it.

On another note, Little J is settling in just fine. He met the whole family over the weekend and everyone was just as smitten as us. I really can't say anything about his case, but - he might be here for a while. Even if he is not, I will love him with all my heart - no matter what, for as long as he is here.


Christi said...

awww, so glad it's all going so well! Happy St Patty's day!

Lana said...

Your life right now is so happy and filled with contentment. Here's to you.

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