Monday, March 30, 2009

According to my mom, I am the only pregnant woman EVER

I love my mom, but she is being a total pain in the ASS! I understand that she wants what is best for me, but she is treating me like I am the rare woman that is pregnant.

I took her out to lunch yesterday. She asked how I was feeling, I told her that the past few days have been rough, still getting sick, etc. She replied, "well, why haven't you called the doctor?!?!?!" Yeah, ok, Mom - I must be the only one that has ever not felt well during pregnancy. I was not like I was throwing up 10 times a day, running a fever, passing out, etc. just normal pregnancy stuff. Why would I call the doc because I am having normal pregnancy stuff. Could you imagine the doc if I called.

Me: Um, hello., Yes - I have not been feeling well. Been throwing up 1-2 times a day.
Doc: Um, yeah - AND????

Besides, I am seeing the doc again tomorrow, so any concerns would be addressed then.

She also thinks that there has never been another mom in the world that had to juggle a toddler while being pregnant. Everything thing I did yesterday, or every part of a conversation, she would say this or that. I was talking about naps, and she actually YELLED at me that I should be taking a nap each and every day. yeah - ok Mom. Oh, and um, didn't you have 3 kids under 3 years old at one point.

We went to the mall and Lil J was by my mom, I was about 15 feet away. Lil J looked around and realized that I was not right there. Yeah, he totally freaked out!!!! He saw me and ran into my arms. Of course I picked him up right away. He had the look of sheer terror in his face. She tells me that I should not have picked him up, but rather just said, "it is OK, mom is right here" Whatever. It is not like I am doing toddler weight lifting throughout the day. And, I have limited the amount of time I do pick him up. I either make him climb up on the couch where I give him lots of hugs and kisses, or I go down to the floor. In that situation, he needed to be picked up.

Again, I knows she wants the best for me, but come on.


Gibson Twins said...

Sounds like you handled it really well, but definitely I'm sure she meant well :)

One of my friends is pg for the 1st time and she was saying how her work put her on office duty (normally works in a girl's home) because she's pregnant and yada yada. I couldn't help but say, "so what am I supposed to do when I get pg with #3? abandon the twins?" Yeah right- I'll be picking them up just like any other mom of toddlers does when she's pregnant! Last I checked it wasn't a disability to be pregnant lol

Ariella said...

Your mom makes me laugh, she is WAY over protective of you, and I am sure it is just because she loves you and this baby so much.

It sounds like things are going well with little J. He sounds like a complete doll if you ask me.

Enjoy this time, it passes so fast.

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