Thursday, March 5, 2009

First OB Appointment

So, today I had my first OB appointment. It is a new practice so I was unsure it I would like the doctor. The office (as a whole) got great reviews and I liked the fact that most of the doctors specialize in high risk pregnancy. I don't think my history makes me high risk, but just knowing that they are high risk docs makes me feel better.

It was a LONG appointment. I was there for 2 hours. And to be totally honest, 35 minutes was while I was in a room waiting for a doc to come in. Seriously, I hate this. If you are not ready for me, don't call me back. This is a huge pet peeve of mine at any doctors. But, especially since Frank was on his lunch hour. He left after all the "interview" stuff, like medical history, and Q&A. To me that was the most important part for him to be there. So, I sent him on his was right before the physical exam.

It went as fine as first OB appointment go. Not reassuring AT ALL. No doppler, no u/s. So, I will not know until my next appointment if I still have a viable pregnancy. Totally do NOT like that. But, this is the norm. I am sure I could insist on a scan, but my insurance will not pay for it. I guess I will just have to hope (and pray of course) that everything is fine.

I asked the questions that I wanted to ask and I really liked the doctor from today. It is a large practice (6 docs) and you have to see all docs. So, next visit will be with someone else. No worries here, I like seeing lots of docs.

The doc seemed very compassionate about my history and told me if I ever have questions or concerns that I could call any time. I really like this - makes me feel like my concerns are taken seriously.

For those that are wondering about the progesterone. I told her the dose that I am on (right now I am on the prescribed amount) and she asked how long I will take it. I said I wanted to take it as long as possible and she said, "how about 12ish weeks?" I am OK with this answer for now, maybe I will bring it up again at my next appointment.

My next appointment is at 12W5D at which time they will do the NT Scan. I know my insurance will not pay for it since I asked them about it last year. They will only do so if there is a medical need. The doc office said it is considered standard routine care and have never had issues with my insurance company. I am still going to call the billing dept to be 100% sure. I know for a FACT that I will be able to get approval for the testing because of my age and m/c history. So, I am not too worried, just would rather not have to deal with after the fact.

Even though my last u/s measured me 2 days behind (no big deal), we are still using our original due date of Oct 1st; this makes me 10 weeks today!

I totally got used to the idea of a scan a week. But, at least I get on in 2.5 weeks. Not too far away.

She did say that because of my D&C history and the fact that it is recent history, they will have to monitor my cervical length closely. I will have another scan at 16 weeks just to check the cervix out - oh and I am sure I might be able to get another peek of the baby :)

Also, since I have a family history of diabetes, and my history of low blood sugar, I will have my sugar levels tested at 16 weeks and then again later in pregnancy.

So, that was about it - or at lease what I can remember :)

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theworms said...

Glad you liked the Dr. Can't wait til you post some baby pics :)

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