Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interesting OB Appointment

Had my NT scan today. Well, attempted it at least. The NT scan measures the thickness on the back of the neck, and it somehow determines if you are at a higher risk of certain problems (down's , tri 18)

I was really nervous about it, not really because of the measurements, but I was hoping there was still a heartbeat. So - heartbeat was great! 167 beats per minute - yay.

But, the baby did not cooperate at all, so there was no measurements taken - well, none as far as the NT Scan goes.

The baby is measuring just fine, and looks like your typical alien baby lol. I guess I should get myself a ticker :)

Here are the interesting things.

During the u/s, the tech kept asking me if I had any bleeding in the beginning of this pregnancy. I did - A LOT. I told her my RE could not find the source of the bleeding, and when it was.
Honestly, I did not think much about this conversation.

So, after the scan I meet with the doctor. She was able to tell me the source of the bleeding.....um, A TWIN!

It only grew to about 6w3d and was implanted very very high in my uterus. She said that it had collapsed on it self and may or may not reabsorb. She does not think it will be a problem with the rest of the pregnancy. Holy Moly - I never got twins with IF treatments, get pregnant on my own and had twins.

It was kinda weird knowing that. How the RE did not see that??? I have no idea. I had my first scan at 5W6D, and even another at 6W3D, and he did not see it. Kinda weird.

Another interesting thing - I cracked a rib by throwing up. I have been getting sick a lot - about 3 times a day. Yesterday, all of a sudden, I had this intense pain in my side. Really hurts to take a deep breathe, hurts to cough, etc. Doc said she can take x-rays (duh), but it pretty sure that I cracked a rib.

Yet another - all of the throwing up has made me loose 5 pounds in 2.5 weeks.

I have to go back next week to try the scan again.


Christi said...

wow, very interesting... sorry you've been so sick that you hurt your rib, that must be very painful, I hope it subsides very soon!!

Lana said...

Oh my what a very interesting pregnancy that you are having so far. Sorry about your other baby, very strange that the Re didn't notice that ( but I guess it happens, right??) Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Never Clever said...

I'm sorry to hear about yet another loss. I am glad that the other baby is doing so well. That is odd that the RE hadn't seen the twin, but at least they were able to find the source of your early bleeding. Glad all is well thus far!

I hope your rib heals quickly.

veggiechick120 said...

im excited you got to hear the heartbeat at least! what an interesting nt scan..good luck with the next scan.

Leah said...

Girl! You need to stop having crazy things happen to you! Glad little bean is still doing great! I know it's nerve wracking. Weird about the twin thing. Hopefully it's not causing you heart ache. You've had enough of that. SOrry you are sick but glad for the reason causing it.

Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

Wow! The entire appt. must have left you speechless. Sorry to hear about your rib, but glad to hear baby is doing well.

Kristen said...

Wow...what an appointment!!!!! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Yeah for a great heartbeat!!! And I feel for you with all that throwing up, I'm so sorry you're so sick.

I hope your baby cooperates at your next scan and you get great results!

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