Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mommy Mobile

Spent almost 5 hours at a car dealership today, we are getting a 2007 Dodge Caravan in White. It has damage on the car which the dealership will fix before we get it. The whole process is a big pain in the ASS!!!!

Between getting what I wanted for my car, getting the price of the car lowered, and then the financing - well, it took FOREVER.

The damage is minor, a huge scratch from the hood to the trunk, and the hubcaps are broken. Because of this damage, the front fender was pushed in a little and the front passenger door does not open. All things will be fixed before we pick it up.

I am not thrilled with the color, even tried to get that worked in the deal, especially since they had to do body work anyway, that was a NO.

So, unless someone wants to give me the gift of a paint job (yeah right), I will just have to get used to the white. Like the sales guy said, you can't tell what color it is when you are driving it. It is not horrible, just not something I would ever pick. I also am not thrilled with the black stripe, but we did get a pretty good price, and they will pay off my current car - so I guess I will deal with it.

I looked a few used vans, and I liked this one the best because of the way the 2nd row was. It is a bench, but it is not centered so it is very easy to get to the 3rd row. I really thought I wanted captains chairs for the second row, but once I tried it out, I hated it. For me, the bench second seating will work the best for me. Again, nothing fancy - no dvd, no auto doors, etc - but I did not want those things anyway.

Here is a pic - not of the actual car, just a photo I found on-line.

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Gibson Twins said...

I don't even know why they make white cars....that's always the first thing out of my mouth when it comes to new cars we buy- "anything but white". So I buy a car in the color I love and can't tell what color it is while driving it lol

The good thing about a van is that you won't have to fight to get in strollers, wagons, etc. I hate that my wagon doesn't fit into my trunk like my double strollers did. I have to drive a car or I'd be wrecking into everything- if we have another kid, they'll be three across in the back.

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