Monday, October 20, 2008

What is "Punky Power"

Punky Brewster was a sitcom in the 80's that dealt with adoption through the foster care system.

Penelope "Punky" Brewster is a warm, funny and bright girl. Her father walked out on her family, then her mother abandoned her at a shopping center, leaving Punky alone with her only companion, her faithful dog.

Afterwards, Punky discovered a vacant apartment in a local building. The building was managed by photographer Henry Warnimont, an old and grumpy widower. Once Henry discovers Punky in the empty apartment across from his, he hears her story and he takes her in.

The relationship between the two blossoms, despite red tape from social workers, who ultimately rally to Henry's side. In the end, Henry officially adopts Punky.

After a while, Punky determined that intelligence, common sense and a strong will can get one out of any problem - she called it Punky Power.

So, I thought it was fitting that this new blog is called Punky Powers as we will also be building our family with adoption through the foster care system.

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