Monday, October 27, 2008

Application will be completed TODAY

My nieghbor FINALLY left the application for me - but only half of it is the correct forms. She must have accidently gave me the package for "family/relative" care instead of the general one.

But, the application is a general one, and the other forms are general as well. There is just one form that is incorrect. And, that form is more of a read and sign type of thing. The actual application is the only thing that needs to be submitted prior to the training. The other stuff can be completed after. We will be submitting everything we can tonight (apps, financial statement, fingerprint request, background check release, etc).

The main application was very standard stuff such as: name, address, all addresses in the last 5 years, ss#, employment info, doctors names, school names for all children, # bedrooms, if there are smokers in the house, type of service (adopt, foster, etc), references (needed 3: a neighbor, a non-relative that you have known for at least 5 years, non-relative known for any amount of time - good thing I know a neighbor), and convictions. The finacials asked for basic info: net pay, mortage payments or rent, ulitities, food, household expenses, car payments, taxes, etc.

We will be starting training classes next Monday!!! The classes are 3 hours each and there are 9 classes, for a total of 27 hours.

So, this is a step in the right direction :)

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