Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Due Date

Today would have been my first due date. I am OK, still stings, but I am moving forward.

What is really sad is the fact that I couldn't remember due date #3. I keep track of all of my medical expenses and had to look at that to figure out when my IUI was. I then used that date on an on-line calculator.

I also think it is ironic, because today I started my post m/c period. I was thrilled, because the last two times, I had to wait 6 long weeks to get my period. BUt, I still think it is kind of weird timing.

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Erica said...

i'm right there with you. two of our pregnancies were at the same time. it's hard going into this holiday season with that on our minds. the what ifs are beating me up. that hope... it just collapsed around me 9 months ago. i hate that we share this. i would much rather we be sharing stories of our 2nd children's births and those first few days home with our babies. you have been so brave and so strong. i often read your blog to give me a boost of optimism for the future. hugs to you. and many many many vibes to you and your family. i hope you get to adopt very soon and get pregnant with sextuplets at the same time. maybe you could give me one!! (just kidding) but i would babysit!


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