Friday, August 1, 2008

OK - some house news

Things have been CRAZY around here and I have been slacking in the house updates. The past two days I have been painting my stairs. We originally were going to strip them and then stain them to match the adjoining wood trim. This proved to be a bigger job because we could not get stain to match the 100 year old wood trim.

Myhusband is not a fan of painted wood in a brown shade - he is OK with white, but feels that if you have dark wood, it should be stained not painted.

But, that proved to be our best option. We were not about to strip all the woodwork when it is in good shape and has never been painted. Half the house has the original trim in the original color (well aged color)

After searching high and low, we (that means I) found a paint that is SO SO SO close to the trim where the stairs meet. So, I painted the steps and the baseboard this dark brown and the spindles white - well actually I only primed them so far, but you get the idea. I also primed the "kickplates" - I don't even know if that is the right term.

I only have a true before picture - which has carpet. i should have taken a picture of the stairs after I tore up the carpet - but use your imagination. The stairs were ugly - has several shades of stain, paint, etc and the kicks were a yellow beige kind of color.

Here are some pictures:


kelly said...

Stunning! You have wonderful taste and despite all the frustration and grief you have been through, you are consistently making great decisions on the house! I bow down before you!

Keep up the good work and post often... I check on you every day!

Kristen said...

I LOVE the white. It is so elegant!!!!

Christi said...

stairs look great!! you guys are doing such an awesome job

thanks for your comment on my blog, nice to know people are thinking of me, I hope that you are doing well, thinking of you

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