Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Update to schedule

i went in for b/w today. While I was there I asked about this weekend. I knew they had Sun hours and also knew that Labor day would have reduced hours.

they initially said to come in on Friday for a scan and then they would decide from there. Originally they said that Sunday would probably be the next visit. kind of sucks because we are having a BBQ on Sunday so that would kind of throw a wrench into the mix. But, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Well, they called this afternoon to increase my Follistim and said that I can stim for 3 days and then come in for a scan. This puts me on Sat instead of Friday and then I guess it will be Tuesday.

I am sure they were thinking about the fact that the weekend is coming and a long weekend at that. This works better for me anyway.

Just stinks that I have to drive about an hour to go to the doctors - lucky for me it will be a Sat and hopefully will not hit a lot of traffic.

They increased my Follistim to 125 units each night until the scan.


MT said...

Good Luck !! I have had two m/c in the past six months and am hoping to start the follistim in Sept. I have small cysts that are clearing up and then we hope to start the injections.

If you ever want to talk for support you can email me at

Notwifezilla said...

Hey Amy,
I hope everything works out for you! Lots of sticky vibes your way.
BTW, TAG! You're it! Check out my blog- for more info!
Good luck!
Jackie aka notwifezilla

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