Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Started Injectables

Last night was the first night of injectables. Piece of Cake!

I am starting on 100 units of Follistim, and will add Cetrotide later after stimming for a few days.

Here is my schedule so far (subject to change based on progress)

CD3 - b/w and u/s: Done (Monday)
CD5 - b/w only (Wed)
CD7 - b/w and u/s to check any follie growth (Friday)

After that I really have no idea. CD9 is a Sunday and CD10 is Labor Day, so if I need to be seen on either of those days, then I need to travel the almost hour ride to the main office. Since it is the only office that is open on Sunday and Labor Day, I am sure it will be packed. The office I go to is a smaller office, and is not open on weekends.

So, we will see how that pans out. I know the cetrotide prevents premature ovulation, so I am really not too worried about possibly not going back in for monitoring until CD11. I know injectables are different, but I triggered on CD11 for my last IUI.

Here is everything I am taking (or will take) for this cycle:

Follistim - injectable medication: Started with 100 units on CD3. This med works directly with the ovaries and should not produce the same side effects as clomid (YAY!)

Cetrotide - injectable medication: Will start based on blood work this week. This med prevents premature ovulation

Ovidrel - injectable medication: This med triggers ovulation and will be given once my follies are nice a big.

Folgard - oral medication: I was recently Dx with MTHFR, which is a gene mutation that prevent the proper absorbsion of folic acid. This could possibly be the reason for my recurrent pregnancy loss. The research on the link between MTHFR and m/c is up for debate though. I take 2 pills once a day. This is in addition to the normal pre-natal vitamins that I am taking.

Prometrium - vaginal medication: In the past, I have had low progesterone. This medication increases progesterone and although it is a pill, it is inserted vaginally.

Wow, that is a lot of meds just to get and stay pregnant. I know on IVF cycles, the med list is even longer!


april said...

glad to see a blog I read is doing injectables (about) the same time i am. I found out yesterday my first cycle of Clomid failed, so I go in Friday to consult with my team. The nurse yesterday said she expects that he'll want me to start injectables with this cycle. Fun times! ;)

Kristen said...

Sounds like you are off to a GREAT start! I'm so excited for you!!!

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