Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today is CD1

Today is 5 weeks 4 days post D&C and I am happy to say that today is CD1. I will still holding out hope that this would be a break BFP cycle - but I guess I am not that lucky.

I guess all you have to do to get your period, is buy a 2 pack of expensive pregnancy tests. Obvioulsly I could use them in the future, but I really wanted to be able to use this this time around.

But - setting aside the fact that I did get my period, I just figured out that it is GREAT that I got it when I did. If I got it next week, then this cycle would more than likely be put on hold. My husband is going away Sept 10, 11, 12. So, if I got it any later, there would be a good chance that he would be away during the "prime" time.

I don't think timing will be an issue at all because CD14 would be 5th, a whole 5 days before he has to leave. I have never ovualated that late on a medicated cycle. In fact, my IUI have actually been on CD12 or CD13, so I am PRAYING that timing is not an issue.

We are doing injectables this cycle - plus Flogard (meds for MTHFR), I just hope that injectables do not mean late ovulation.

From what I have read, most do not ovualte later. I will go to the RE on monday for CD3 monitoring and also to talk about the effects of the MTHFR.

It is weird, when I was there last week (Thrus) to give them my new insurance info, I joked "I hope I see you soon" I was hoping it was going to be for beta, but I will still see them soon, but for a new cycle.

I am just excited to get this cycle started YAY!

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april said...

too funny about pregnancy tests starting your cycle. When mine is late and I want it to just hurry up and show up so we can get moving on the next cycle, I go buy tests. LITERALLY, within an hour of buying the tests, I start. Works like a charm everytime! We gotta find humor where we can, right? :)

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