Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cycle update

The update is that there is no update. I am still waiting on my post D&C period. I seriously thought it was coming on Monday - I guess my uterus had other plans. So, now here I am 30 days after the D&C so what do I do - yup you guessed it, I took a pregnancy test. Just a cheapie. I only had one cheap one left anyway.

The results? Well, I am assuming that since I did not write "I am pregnant" as a post tile you can figure out the results.

I just really hope it is not 6+ weeks post D&C that I get my period - like the last time. I really thought that since my levels dropped so fast that I had a shot of getting sooner rather than later.

I quess we will wait and see. Once I get my period, we will be moving forward with IUI with injectables. IUIs have worked well for me, so I am hoping that my pregnancy luck will continue. I just pray that my m/c luck does not


Kristen said...

Sounds like you need me to do my AF jig again! Now, I must admit, my uterus is a big bloated mess right now, so I will have to probably jig for you on Friday. Is that okay? Then I'm going to have to stop jigging once my ET is completed on Saturday morning. But I figure I can jig for a few hours at least to bring on AF!!! ;-)

All seriousness aside, I hope the beotch AF shows soon!!!

Mandy said...

On the bright side of things, injectables are Soooooo much better than clomid!! The side effects are much less. I hate the fact that I give myself shots, but they are easier than you think. I stress less on injectables b/c it doesn't play games on your head. Keeping my fingers crossed for AF to visit you soon!!

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