Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I think we might do injectables

Talked with RE today, he does not think we should jump right to IVF. He thinks we might have better success if we try IUI with Injectables. He said my issue might be the meds I am taking, not the IUI. After all, the IUI is getting me pregnant.

I might be starting injectables with the next cycle. I just have to wait for my post D&C period and need to have all my other bloodwork come back ok.

I am Ok with not going to IVF - it is a big step from IUI. Even if the injectable cycle does not work for me, at least it will be a "practice" for IVF.

The doc will call me this afternoon with what I hope is my last beta. If the beta is zero then I can go in and do the rest of the RPL panel. He said that the results only take a few days. We have already done the tests that take a long time.

I might ask him to Rx the injectables for me now, so that I have them no matter when I get my period. I have to mail-order them. I would hate to not have them in time.

Oh - also - the genetic tests from the D&C were "normal" However, they can not tell if the tissues were from an embryo or from me. If the tissues were from me, of course they would be normal. Even though the results were normal, it is still possible that there was a genetic defect with the embryo.

So - we move foward from here.

UPDATE: RE Called, beta is down to zero. I will go in this week for the rest of the RPL panel.


Anonymous said...

I think that is a great idea. We did IVF and it didn't work. But the injectible cycles did. It's really not that bad...MUCH better than IVF in fact. The shots don't hurt AT ALL and the most awful part is having blood drawn every 2-3 days... Sounds like a great move.

Kristen said...

I am SOOOOO glad that your beta is down to zero. I too think injectables is the right way to go for you. You've gotten pg twice with IUI...IVF just sounds almost silly for someone who has had two IUI's with a positive start (I just wish they ended positively!). I hope and pray that the third time is IT for you!!!

P.S. I've tagged you in my blog! :-)

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