Thursday, August 21, 2008

I feel like a slacker

I try to blog as much as possible. I know for me, I check blogs often and like to see updates. It just seems like I really have no updates.

I still have no period, I have no house updates, no funny stories about Colin...nothing to blog about.

So, instead, I am just going to write about totally random stuff.

I really like my RE's office. Today I just stopped by to give them some new insurance information. It turns out the one and only nurse was one her way out - but we chatted in the parking lot for a bit. When I went into the office, the receptionist was the only one there. I guess the doc had the day off and she was just waiting for the mail guy to come. She told me she had to stay all day.

I love the fact that everyone in the office knows me by name, talks to me like a person and not a patient, and know my "plan" without having to look in the computer. I have no idea if they are like that with every patient. I am a chatty person - so maybe because I talk to them before and after my monitoring, maybe they "know" me. I see them do both: ask for a name, or greet some by their first name. How knows. I like them anyway.

Colin is spending the week at his Father's (aka grandma's house). His phone must be dead because it goes right to voicemail. I really want to talk to him, no one is returning my calls.

I have a bridal shower tomorrow and still have not wrapped the gifts. It it for my SIL and it seems selfish to admit, but I am glad that I did not have to plan any of it. I will make the call to my other SIL and ask if she needs anything. I know she will probably say no, but I know she will keep in her head that I asked. Points for me :)

The only thing left to paint in the house is the 1st and 2nd floor halls and the walls that connect the two (aka the stairs). I have already painted the actual stairs. We got a quote for over $1000 to paint this space. This quote was from a chain type of painter. Well, I started painting it today and I hate it. Not the color, just the space. It is a pain in the neck because of the tight space, the angles, the the tons of spaces that I can't reach. On top of all that, the walls look like crap because they are so uneven. I even thought of putting a texture on the wall just to try to hide some of this.

I looked on Craigslist and there are several people listed there that have "specials" for $75- $100 a room with a 3 room min. So, I am considering calling one of these guys and ask if (2) hallways and (1) connecting wall [staircase] will count as 3 rooms and if the min would apply. So, I would get the whole area painted for either $225 or $300. I think if they can do it, it is worth it. I don't think my husband agrees though. It is ME, however, that does the painting. He sucks at it and it very sloppy. So, of course he would think that we should do it ourselves. :( I will have to try to convince him tonight.

I still do not have my period. It looks like it is going to be like last time and be a 6+ week thing. Everyday I want to wear my really cute white skirt - Labor day is coming you know. Don't want to break any fashion rules (if you know me in real life, you would know that I coudn't care less about the rules). But I do want to wear this white skirt. But, can't realy do that it. My luck it will be the one day that I am not "prepared" and I will feel like I am back in Junior High and have a "I have to go home RIGHT now, accident".

Oh - and for those that are curious, yes - I have taken a pregnancy test (well, more than one) and no, I am not pregnant :(

So - there you have it - a post about nothing.

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