Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I wish I could spend more time at the shore

I was fun while it lasted, but I am back from the shore.

I grew up not really liking the shore. And to be honest, up until a few years ago I would probably tell you that I was not really a beach person. The sand in your hair, the sunburn, the flies, the nasty water, yuck.

But, recently, I have found a new appreciation of the shore. I guess because I am older I realize the importance of just chilling. Just watching my kid have a good time. Thinking about nothing except when the next wave will hit the beach.

I never worry about sunburn. OK - I totally WORRY - I am EXTRA careful in the sun. Which is why (I guess) I don't worry about getting a sunburn. I am Casper white and reapply sunblock often - I have not gotten a sunburn in quite a while. Plus - most people would laugh at me on the beach. I have a huge umbrella - not wearing anything revealing (bathing suit, tank top, etc) and I hover under the umbrella trying to keep in the shade.

I love the feeling of the sand on my toes. On a hot day, the sand is really cool just under the surface.

The smell of the ocean immediately relaxes me.

Plus there are things that are just "shore things" that make me smile.

The shore is one of the only places where it is totally acceptable for a teenage boy to be riding a pink "shore" bike. yeah, you know the ones. No one would ever use these bikes unless they are at the shore.

And the Shore houses. No matter what "shore" I have gone to, all the houses look the same. Built on high stilts, huge houses in pastel colors. A traditional house looks out of place.

I don't think I could live there full time - but boy is it great to visit.

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Maria (MKC101103) said...

You have totally put me in the mood to head to the Jersey shore! Glad you had fun!

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