Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ticker Change Day!

5 Weeks Pregnant.

How do I feel? Fine, except that I feel completely bloated. So much so that I basically pulled at my shirt the entire day yesterday. I am sure I now have a mark there because I pulled on it so much.

Oh - and my boobs still feel like they weigh about 15 pounds each. Someone at a BBQ yesterday actually noticed and said, "good god - your boobs seems like the get bigger each time I see you!" She does not know I am pregnant. It is kind of true anyway. My boobs have not stopped growing in a few years. It seems like every year I go up a cup size. I am already an (I) cup and I am now spilling out of those. Without a bra on my boobs just KILL.

I rememeber my last pregnancy, my boobs were still hurting at 8.5 weeks - the day of my D&C. So, who knows how long the hurtness will last.

Speaking of pregnancy, it is VERY hard not to say anything to people. Especially when they flat out ask, "so how are the IF treatments going" My only answer (which is not a lie), "We are still seeing the specialist" We have only told my parents and my sisters.

We are waiting until the u/s on Friday to hopefully see a heartbeat. My husband does not want to tell his family until we see a heartbeat. We have a party on Sat, so if we see a heartbeat on Friday, then we will tell his family.

We were thinking that we would wait until we had 2 good u/s before we told Colin. But obviously, if we tell his family, we have to tell Colin. I think I am most nervous about that.

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