Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beta # 3 and U/S issue

Beta # 3 was today - 1700!!!

Here is the run down of betas

#1 - 165
#2 - 626
#3 - 1700

Of course, I am thrilled. They have more than doubled each time. My progesterone has dropped a tiny bit. So, now I am on supplements twice a day. My level was 20, the doctor does not seem concerned. But, like he said, better safe than sorry. I will take them 100 times a day if that means keeping this pregnancy.

When my doc called, he said that I could come in next week for my first u/s. He wants me to come in my Wednesday (my birthday). I think I might push it to Friday though.

Some info: I had my IUI 2 days before "standard" day for ovulaltion. So, today I am either 4w6d (IUI) or 4w4d (LMP). I know 2 days really do not make a difference in the grand scheme of things. But they make a difference at this early stage.

If I go next wed, I will either be 5w6d (IUI) or 5w4d (LMP). I am 100% sure that I will not see a heartbeat at this early date.

Since u/s are on a walk-in basis, I was thinking about going in on Friday. The dr said it was ok if I wanted to wait.

I figure that:

1 - I really don't want to have the u/s on my birthday
2 - If we wait until Friday - we have a better (but not guaranteed) chance of seeing the heartbeat.

On the Friday I will be either 6w1d (IUI) or 5w6d (LMP) - which obvious is no guarantee that we will see a heartbeat anyway - but better than on the Wed.

This is where a few days DOES make a big difference.

So, as much as I would LOVE an u/s as soon as possible, I am almost 100% positive that we are going to wait until the Friday. Maybe it will be a GREAT b-day present (2 days late)


Anonymous said...

Great news on your betas! Please don't be scared if you do not see heartbeats at your next US appt. I am 7 wks 2 days and just saw mine. At 5 wks 2 days there were just sacs (yes, it's twins!!). So....just gear yourself up that you might not see them, but that it will be ok. It's still very early!! I know you are stressing!! I'm right there with you.

MrsTSalazar said...

Congrats on the great news! Im so happy for you!

Busted said...

Congrats on a great 2nd beta!

Moyna said...

Interesting to know.

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