Sunday, November 23, 2008

What is this? Spotting/period??

OK, I got my period on Oct 29. This was my first period after my last m/c. Ok, fine. Now, the past year, I have basically been on medicated (or pg) cycles. Before that, I had very different cycle lengths.

So, according to my math training in college (LOL), today is CD26. I am spotting or it may be the start of my period.

What the hell?? If this is my period, then this cycle was a 25 day cycle? I had cycles of 110 days last year.

Oh - and because I am a convinced that I will be one of the 5% of women who get pregnant after they decide to adopt, I took a pregnancy test.

I did not keep track of ovulation - it is really just a waste of money, because in the past, I have not ovulated without meds. yes, I know I can track ovulation with other means than an OPK, but have always hated temping. Plus, I hit snooze many times before I get up. Many times I hit snooze and never even know the alarm went off.

But, if you think that I may have ovulated like a "regular" woman, I would be about 12 DPO.

The last time I was pregnant, I started spotting on 12 dpo. That obviously ended badly.

I bought a 2 pack of tests, I took one mid day, negative. I will probably take the other one tomorrow - talk about a waste of money.

But, I guess I would just want to know if I am having yet another m/c.

Oh, and if you ask about other "symptoms" - well, I made a comment to my husband the other day that my boobs have been killing me since last week. Just like the last 3 times. But, that could also just be pms/getting your period.

When does it end? When will I fully "give up" on getting pregnant. Yes, we are moving forward. And, we are VERY excited about it. But, I don't think IF is something that will just go away. I know it will be something that I am always thinking about - even though we are not "trying" anymore. I know it sounds like jibberish, I don't think I am explaining it well.

So, I guess I will keep everyone updated. I am sure I will get the same results tomorrow.

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Never Clever said...

I don't think it sounds like jiberish one bit, really. Let us know how this turns out.


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