Monday, November 24, 2008


So totally annoyed! We had class tonight. For the past few sessions, I have asked our trainer if he could check to see if our paperwork was received in the main office. He has been really busy training so he has not been in the main office

The paperwork was given to my neighbor about a month ago and she was going to forward it to the main office. This was suposed to speed up the process.

Since we have not gotten a call, I was concerned that the paperwork never made it to the main office.

Well, I found out tonight why we have not received a call. Our neighbor "lost" the paperwork and it was not until our trainer asked about it was the paperwork located.

Apparently, it was found under several stacks of paperwork on my neighbor's desk. OMG, so frustrated.

Plus, I do not know if all the paperwork was found, or just parts. When we filled out the paperwork, we completed more than the usual person fills out in the begining. A lot of times, you will fill out one set and then when that is returned, you get more, etc etc.

I did keep copies of most of the documents, mainly the ones that would take forever to duplicate.

This is when it is NOT good to know someone. I am really losing confidence in my neighbor - first it took a month to get the apps, and now it took a month to get the apps to the main office.

If I knew this would be a problem, I would never have given it to her. I could have sent it myself.

So, UGH is the best way to express how I feel right now.

My trainer told me he personally saw that his supervisor has possession of the paperwork. And since this week is a holiday, I am sure I will not be contacted this week. I am giving it until the 1st week of Dec. If I do not hear by them, I will call myself. That is basically gives them a little over a week.

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