Friday, November 14, 2008

How are you sleeping??

Sounds like a pretty straight forward question - but I guess not to a 14 year old.

When we were at the docs the other day, the PA asked Colin, "so, how are you sleeping"

Colin so innocently answered, "well, sometimes on my stomach, then I might switch in the middle of the night to my side, or to my back. So, I really can't say for sure how I am sleeping"

Both me and the PA laughed so hard.


Leah said...

Aren't they so cute? Awww..I love kids! How are your adoption classes going? We need an update!!

P.S. Is it snowing there yet? My hubby lived in Plainsboro before moving south. We visited there a few months ago and it's beautiful! I wouldn't mind living there and he would love to move back. Who knows!?

Maria (MKC101103) said...

That just made me totally LOL. He must make you laugh all the time!

Erica said...

aw so cute!

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