Thursday, November 13, 2008

Comment from Doc - WTF!!!!!

OK, I have to get this out - will probably be long. I plan on writing a formal complaint and I want to make sure I type it all out while it is fresh in my mind.

Read the post below for more details. Basically, I was at the doc's and then the ER yesterday. Given tons of info, but in the end everything is fine. The doc yesterday made it seem like I had to RUSH to the ER. The ER docs made it seem like I had to RUSH to a follow-up with the doc.

We go to a walk in place as our primary doc. Today we were there for the followup and waited for 2 hours before being seen.

As soon as the doc showed up in our room I went on and on about the results of the labs and my questions and concerns. Mind you - I did not see this doc yesterday.

He keeps on saying that the labs were wrong (2 different labs? - both wrong??), and that he still has to examine him.

I asked again what could cause (insert results here). And that I am getting conflicting info. i confess that I this point I was probably getting a little snotty - he was treating me like an idiot for asking questions. I also expressed my annoyance that everyone seemed to rush rush when it could be nothing.

This is the resulting conversation:

Doc - "It is like talking about a child of a barren woman"

Me- "Um, excuse me?!?!?!"

Doc - "It is like talking about a child of a barren woman"

Me - "do you know how insensitive that is" (insert crying here)

Doc - "it is not insensitive, it is true"

Me - "how is that not insensitive, what does that mean anyway"

Doc - "basically we should not talk about something that might never need to be talked about" aka - barren women don't ahve children

Me - "you should never say that to anyone, it is rude, unprofessional and insensitive" "I mean is that that even a medical phrase???"

Doc - "fine - I just won't say it to YOU anymore"

Me - "it should never be said to ANYONE"

Doc (basically screaming at me) "I am NOT treating you!! I am treating HIM"

I swear, if COlin was not in the room, I would have punched him.

But - I will be filling a formal complaint with the office and maybe even the state's medical board.

Who says that!!!????? And when I tell you flat out that it is RUDE, you keep going. It got me SO FREAKING upset


Erica said...
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Erica said...

WHAT??????????? write a formal complaint and if they don't so much as offer a written apology, tell me who he is and i'll slash his tires!! what an jerk!! he shouldn't be a doctor. he obviously has no feelings. the pig.

deleted the other one. it was a duplicate.

Never Clever said...

What a complete ASS!

I'm so sorry you had to hear that from a doctor, nevertheless, who obviously has NO bedside manner. They are supposed to be the most sensitive to things like that regardless of their own specialties.

Definitely write a formal complaint.

- Stacie, CA

Maria (MKC101103) said...

How in the world did you not punch his lights out?!?!?!?

april said...

I would skip the complaint with the office, and go straight to the formal complaint. That is just insane!!

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