Monday, November 17, 2008

Gift Card for Sale

I know this is very unconventional - but, heck I know a bunch of people read my blog - so I will give it a shot.

Short story: I am selling a $200 Gift Card to Toys R Us / Babies R Us for only $190

Long Story:
Colin wanted the newest and coolest video game system (aka a game) and it cost $200. I told him I would buy it for Christmas, but he had to understand that he would really get just that.

His Birthday was a couple of weeks ago and all my sisters and my mother chipped in and got him a $200 gift card to Toys R Us - specifically so he could buy this one item. They did not buy it themselves because it was only released yesterday. I could not pre-order.

So, yesterday I get up at the crack of dawn (Ok, 7am) and drive to the closest Toys R Us. They never got the game in and have no idea when it will come in. OK, I will just buy it on-line.

Nope - it is sold out online. But, Walmart has tons of them. So, I buy it from Walmart in the hopes that someone will buy the gift card from me.

I am willing to knock $10 bucks off, just to get rid of it.

I am basically done with my christmas shopping, otherwise I would just use it myself.

So, if you, or someone you know, is interested in this, please leave me a comment.

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