Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing but evap lines

Yes - I kept the old hpt from yesterday. Anyway, by last night (obviuosly WAY after the testing window), I saw what I can only assume is an evap line. There is totally a second pink line there. But, it was never there earlier in the day. Oh, and yes - I took apart both tests.

In the first picture, it is kind of hard to see. But, I think you can see it in the second picture.

However, when I POAS this morning, the only thing I got was a dent of a line. You can actually see this in both pictures. The dent is in the exact same spot as the evap? line. So, if you are having trouble seeing the evap line, just look at the same spot at the dent.

I have not had any spotting other than that first inital time. So, who knows.

Oh - and I am totally aware of the fact that I could have ovulated at any time, and the spotting could be for a nummber of reasons. I will probably test again in a few days if I do not get full period flow.


Never Clever said...

Is it normal for you to spot around the time of your period?

I wonder if it could be implantation bleeding? I have had it before, and it does mimick the beginnings of a period (like the day before).

This may be too personal, but what color is it?

Christi said...

that's weird, I see that dent on 13dpo. I hate that brand of hpts, they are awful!!! so unclear, I completely see why you'd question them

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