Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Special Order is just not worth the trouble

Right now I am pissed off at Home Depot AND Lowes. We ordered "special order" countertop for the upstairs bath. There is nothing special about it. Basic black - but it is for a 60" vanity so it had to be special ordered (Lowes).

The sign next to the granite (in the bath section - not kitchen) it says "most special order counter-tops arrive in 7-10 days". Well, I guess generic black is not considered "most"

We ordered it 2.5 weeks ago and it still is not here. The contractor can not do the rest of the work in the bath until the countertop gets here. I have called Lowes several times and they keep changing the delivery time. As of 5 minutes ago, it will not be in the store until 4/4. That will be more than 3 weeks after we ordered it. Pisses me off.

Home Depot is no better. We had to wait until we had the cabninets and the appliances before we could get the countertop. We knew exactly what we wanted and paid for them a few weeks ago. We had to call them when everything was in to get the template scheduled.

Well, it does not matter that it was paid for weeks ago - nope we get put in "line" with everyone else. So, here it is a week later and we STILL have not been called to set up a template appointment.

We went with Home Depot for the counter-top (Stilestone) because we opened a Home Depot Home Improvement Loan - and paid for the countertop with that.

Now my husband is pissed off at Home Depot because we do not even have the template done. He thinks we should cancel the counter-top and just get it at a granite yard. I think it will be more expensive PLUS I still think it will take a few weeks.

UGH - all this is just so frustrating!!!!

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