Thursday, April 10, 2008


OK - My blue/green backsplash got shot down. So, we think we are going to go with a slate backsplash.
This is our first choice:

It is Indian Autumn colored slate (who knew slate came in so many colors???)

The colors are great with our cabinets and I think look pretty good with the countertop. I also think it adds a punch of color but is still kind of neutral.

The only things that I don't like is:

1 - the price - not too expensive; but we have more than 30 sq ft so that will add up quick.

2 - it is special order from Home Depot - they say 7-10 days; but we all know how that goes.

So, I am going to go to a local tile shop (which may still need to order it) and see what else I can find.

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