Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cruising on Friday!!!!!

I can't believe our cruise is on Friday. I have been so busy at work and busy trying to get ready for the trip that I have not had a second to blog.

It is so weird though - we booked our cruise in Oct 2006. It seems like forever ago. And guess what, we started TTC in Oct 2006. That seems like forever ago as well.

I rememeber when we first thought about the trip. It is a big family vacation, so we had to look at a lot of schedules.

When we decided on a time, the first thing that came to mind is, "Will it be fun to have a baby on the cruise?" At the time we booked it, I seriously thought I would have at least a 6 month old and I really thought I would be pregnant again.

Funny how niave I was back in Oct 2006.

So, here it is 18 months later and not only do I not have a baby, but I am not pregnant, either.

I really need this vacation, as I am sure all of us do. I just hope we have a great time.

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