Thursday, April 17, 2008

No post since Monday!!

I did not even realize that I had not posted since Monday. I have been so busy at work and at home that I have not even had time to really check my e-mail.

We are going away next Friday so I have been trying to tie up loose ends at work. Right after I get back from vacation, I am only home for about a week and then I go away on business.

Crazy time that is for sure.

For those that want a post D&C update, here it is............there is no update. I still have not goten my period, not pregnant, beta down to 13 (as of last week).

You know with my luck, I will get my period on the day we leave for vacation. Lucky for me the vacation is 10 days. So even if I do get my period, it will not ruin the trip.

For those that want an update on my house........well there is an update. My contractor thinks he might be done before we go away. Yesterday they were almost finished with siding and then they just have a bunch of little things inside the house.

It sucks though because once he is finished, we still have SOOOOOO much to do in the house (filling holes, painting, sanding the floors, cleaning, etc)

Maybe I will be able to post some more pictures of the outside tonight.

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