Monday, April 7, 2008

So much done today!!!!!

The granite in the kitchen and the upstairs bath were installed today. Plus the decorative moldings were added to the dining room!!!!

Keep in mind that my camera sucks so the colors on the wall are a little off. Also, the house is not "done" - so please excuse the mess, unfinished molding, cardboard on the floor, no backsplash, etc


Who Needs Patience? said...

The house looks great Amy! Can I ask what color you used in the kitchen?

Who Needs Patience? said...

Thanks, I really like that green color.....I'm looking for a green for my kitchen too-it's hard to pick the right one.

I am doing good...just waiting for IVF to start. How are you doing? I hope you are hanging in there, will you be starting clomid soon?

Take care!

Kristen said...

Absolutely stunning and beautiful!!! When can I come over for dinner???? :-)

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