Friday, April 11, 2008

Can't find my stash....

OK - I admit it. I love to POAS.

So, I always have tons of OPKs and HPTs in the house. I buy the cheapie ones on the internet so I don't feel bad about using them.

So, since we are working on the house, everything has been moved around.

I know when I got pregnant I still had a "Stash" of tests in the house. Well, now I CAN NOT find them. I am sure they are around somewhere. But, I looked everywhere for them and I seriously can not find them.

Originally I just wanted to test out. This way I would know if I got a neg (a lot of them) and then got a positive that it would be a new pregnancy - not left over HcG from my previous pregnancy.

But, I also wanted the tests to use for TI since I will probably be away from CD 10-20.

So, I just ordered some more tests. I am sure I will find them on the day that the tests arrive. But - hey you can never have too many tests.

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