Thursday, April 3, 2008

Granite Countertops

We canceled our order from Home Depot for our Kitchen Countertops (long story). And, we decided to go with a local granite company. So far they have been GREAT!!

We will have our countertops INSTALLED by mid next week! YAY.
We choose "Kashmir White" - here is a generic picture of what it will look like.

We are thinking of this blue / green tile for the backsplash. The walls are celery green. This picture really does not show how much green is in the tiles. We have not bought anything so it could still change. But so far this is our #1 choice.

Any opinions would be great!


Angelique said...

I love the blue tile can you please tell me were I can find them at and how much Thank you.

Kitchen Islands said...

Granite contertops make an excellent surface for rolling out dough, chopping and other kitchen work. The polished surface of granite does not wear off easily and is resistant to heat, stains and other external forces.

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