Thursday, February 21, 2008

You would think Insultaion Guys would wear warm clothes

Our house is about 100 years old. And, I am not sure who thought this would be a good idea, but none of our outside walls have insulation. That's right, no insulation.

So, part of the work that we are doing is blowing insulation into all the exterior walls. The guys show up today (it is about 20 degrees) with just jeans and a sweatshirt. You would think that guys that do insulation would know how to keep themselves warm --lol.

Couple of updates: when we took the siding off the house we found out that in each peak was colored shingles - very common in older Victorian houses. So, we were left with a tough choice. We could just ignore the fact that we found part of the original house and just cover it again with the white siding. Or, we could add the decorative shingles to our budget and "restore" the house to the orignal design. The second option will add about $1000 to our ever expanding bottom line.

Well, we decided to keep the look of the orignal house. We are going with the decorative shingles. We are also actually getting the same color (or very close) as what was on the original house (kind of a teal but closer to green). We were planning on getting shutters anyway, so now the shutters will be in green instead of black like we originally planned.

I am glad we are doing it - I think it will look great.

Here is a picture of our house before and then after the siding was taken off - in the second picture you can see the shingles on the top.


Another thing that seems like it is an issue over and over again is the previous work we already did. As many of you many know, my Dad was helping us out when we first started doing work on the house. (And Melanie - I know you read this - do not share this with Dad). We is just seems like there are a lot of little and some not so little things that were done incorrectly or a "weird" way.

Now, some of the things are minor cosmetic stuff - but others a bigger things. Here is a list of what I can think of that either had to be re-done or things that are not "right" but we will just have to deal with it.

The Washer/Dryer - the hook-up are in the wrong order. Usually the washer is on the left....not for us. This is not a huge deal, we will just have to flip the door on the dryer. But, we would not be able to get a front loading washer - you can't flip the doors on these.

The toilet - I don't know the tech stuff, but it is in the wrong spot and kind of close to the wall. Plumbing extensions had to be made and we will just deal with the closeness..

The Vanity light is not centered over the vanity. This is not a huge deal because we are going with a three bulb light - so the outlet will just be off center - but you won't see it..

The door to the bathroom - he created a non-standard doorway that would have required a custom door. We built the room from scratch so he could have built anysize he wanted. We had to take out almost all of the "new" framework just to create a new door, we also had to move the electrical because the door was in the wrong spot..

The new kitchen window - the window is not in the center of the room. We are just dealing with this.

The mudroom floor - I guess chunks of the beams were removed to level part of the floor. But by doing that the rest of the floor is not level at all. We have to rip out the entire floor and totally build a new one..

The shower head - well the placement of the shower is great......for Colin. The showerhead is so low that when I stand in the shower, the shower head is right at eye level. Again, great for Colin. There was nothing we could do here - the tile has already been done. Plus, this will only be the spare bathroom and we would probably not ever take a shower in there..

I know there is more, but that is all I can think of. It just sucks that we shelled out a lot of money on things that we have to pay more money to get done again.

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Andrea (TiredAn) said...

Our washer now is actually on the right and it causes problems for us. I thought washers were usually on the left. We have front loading machines and switched the door on the dryer, but the door on the washer gets in the way when we want to move clothes from the washer to the dryer. Just wanted to share. Good luck with the rest of the house.

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