Wednesday, February 6, 2008

IUI today

I had my IUI this morning. Frank's post wash was 34 million! It was funny - the nurse says to Frank, "nice job, Frank, those are some good numbers" I was laughing so hard - it was so funny.

So, let's hope that those sperm can meet up with my one or maybe two eggs.

Frank was allowed in the room the entire time - which was kind of nice. It was weird, in the "laying down" stage after the IUI, we just talked about stupic stuff - as if we were sitting at the kitchen table. We talked about an estimate that we have tonight, what we are having for dinner, our tax appointment on Sat, etc.

It was just so casual that it made me feel less nervous.

The IUI was kind of uncomfortable for me. When the doc inserted the speculum, he was moving it around and around and around- apparently my cervix was not cooperating. So, he had to use a different speculum. Once he got the right spot, it was over in less than a minute.

I have slight cramping now, but not too bad. So.....swim, swim, swim!!!!


mish2378 said...

I have been following your story. Good luck

Delilah said...

I felt the same way after my IUI, and was told not to worry about the cramping unless it gets bad. Good luck!

BooBears said...

Best wishes!!!

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