Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We are starting work on Friday!!!!

We had the contractor come over yesterday to give us a in depth proposal for all the work we will be doing. We added a bunch of stuff that was not detailed in the write-up (did not add additional price though) and even though our loan has not gone through yet, they will be starting on Friday!!!

I can't believe that it is finally happening. We will get our tax refund I hope this week so at least we can give him something. Now, it will be full speed ahead picking out stuff.

In the end the whole project will cost thousands and thousands of dollars. But in the end, the house will still be worth so much more than the purchase price plus renovations.

The contractor is confident that the work will take less than 6 weeks. He thinks more like 4 weeks. The house will not be "done" at that time. We still have our own work to do (stripping the molding, painting, decorating, etc) but the work that we can do ourselves will be DONE!

I was so excited last night that I almost cried.

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Who Needs Patience? said...

Hey girl! I am trying to hang in there! You too! Luckily you have a big project to keep you busy! :) how exciting is that! I saw your pictures that you posted, I can't believe the previous owners, yuck!! but all the work you guys have done is amazing. that would be so exciting to get a nice new kitchen!

today i have been feeling down and pessimistic about this cycle working. i have lost hope for some reason! more week to go!! are you still testing??

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