Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Post

This post is going to be a mod podge of stuff.

I had my Progesterone (P4) blood test done today. My arm is getting pretty black and blue from all the bloodwork. One thing that has really helped me is bringing my own band-aids. I know this might sound silly - but I have pretty sensitive skin. And, the bandages that they use are the medical-super sticky-never come off kind. I really think it make the bruise worse. I would have a bruise and then have a rash from the bandage.

Sometimes it seems like they had better clear bandages - but it was hit or miss. I tried to just press the cottonball down for a few seconds, but the nurse always wants a band-aid. So, I starting bringing my own. It works for me.

I guess the results will be in either this afternoon or tomorrow. I will not get a call with the results unless the P4 is low. If the P4 is low, then they would Rx progesterone.

My clinic never call with bloodwork results unless it is a problem. I guess I like it this way. It prevents me from over thinking the numbers (aka googling the results). I did ask what my E2 was though, but they had to call me anyway to tell me to trigger - so she had the results in her hand when she made the call.

I guess for pregnancy tests (beta) they would call no matter what.

I am sure Colin's boy-scout troop thinks he is poor.

The troop is having their troop dinner this weekend. It happen to fall on the same night that I planned to have dinner with all of my sisters. The sister dinner was planned way before the troop dinner so Colin will be going by himself to the dinner while I entertain my sisters.

The troop dinner is a pot luck....every time we go I make and bring something. And although I have not had a kitchen for the past 19 months, what I bring is always homemade. I do all of my cooking on a hot plate or the BBQ grill - yup - even baked goods.

Anyway, Colin is at the meeting and a troop mom says to Colin, "Colin, since your Mom and Dad are not coming, why don't you just bring brownies?"

Colin replies, "I can't, we don't have a stove in our house". And of course he did not explain that we are renovating the house and that his mom still cooks (every night mind you).

So, I am sure this mom thinks we had our gas turned off or something. I might have to make a fancy meal just to prove that I can still cook in my non-existent kitchen.

Speaking of Non-existent kitchen......I HATE my house. Totally HATE it. You read correctly, I do not have a kitchen. I have not had one in over 19 months.

When we bought our house we new we had to put a lot of work into it. We started doing major demo. We ripped out the kitchen thinking we would put a bathroom and laundry room in it's place. The kitchen would be moved to another location in the house.

We spent $15,000 on a variety of things - not all home repair stuff though. The $15K went towards demo, dumpsters, new electric for the new bathroom, new plumbing for the bathroom, framework for the bathroom, drywall, paint (upstairs), bug exterminator (3 times), closing costs, one new window, labor expenses, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't rememeber.

When we spent that money, we thought that at least we would spend that much less when we finished all the projects.

Well, I guess that is not the case. So far each contractor that has looked at the house is not even take all of our work into consideration. It is like, "hey, thanks for doing all the hard work, however it does not change the price"

We have decided to go with the one company that I got a great vibe from and who is about in the middle price wise. They are coming over to give us a detailed proposal. Which is great, considering we still don't know if we got the loan and if we did how much it will be.

Our loan officer is on vacation all week, so we will not know until she returns. And even at that point, we might not get our money for a few weeks. It is just so frustrating.

I just can't wait for it to be done already!!

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Ariella said...

I lived with my mom through some of her house renovations and the worst part for us was the roof and the kitchen. I hated BBQ by the time it was all said and done. I hopeyou get your kitchen back soon GL with the P4 I hope it is nice and high.

PS You should fill in Colin's troop leader about your kitchen remodel, she might be more understanding in the future if she knows. Plus you don't want her saying things about money to Colin and for him to feel bad about it.

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