Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have a 2 bathroom house!

Now, the bathroom is not done, but I have 2 working bathrooms! I used the toilet just because I could. Then I realized that there was no toilet paper in the room LOL.

So, the only things that need to be done is the final sanding, paint, closet door, mirror, new window (next week) and then decorations!
These guys are working super fast! In addition to the bathroom, the laundry room is drywalled, the siding is gone, new electric in the dining room and living room....I feel like I am missing something.

They only have been working for a week! And, they have so much stuff done so far.

When they took off the siding, we found out that in all the peaks of the house was decorative shingles in a victorian teal color. After seeing that we would like to keep the look. So, now we are trying to decide what color to do the peaks. The whole house will be white, so we are thinking a nice dark brown - they darkest color available. Whatever color we do the peaks will be the same color as the possible shutters and the porch.

So, here are some pictures - note: the kitchen is now the new bathroom/laundry area.

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