Friday, February 1, 2008

5 Minutes 14 Seconds!!

That is not a typo. I had my HSG today (all clear) and I had been told that my clinic has a state of the art HSG machine and it only takes less than a minute to do the whole test.

I tend to stretch the truth a bit, so I really thought they were full of BS. So, I posted about it on my favorite message board - specifically to those who use the same clinic. They all said it was a super fast test.

So - I timed it. My appointment was at 2 pm. I did get there a little early because it was pouring rain today so I gave myself some extra time. I got there at about 1:40.

I left the office at 2:15 - but......I signed some paperwork, went to the bath room, did a pregnancy test, , chatted with one of the nurses, did the HSG, had my injectable class, went to the bathroom again and left.

I started my timer on my cell phone the second the nurse shut the door and I started to undress.

I got undressed, the doctor came in the room about a minute later, feet up in the stirrups, speculum in, cleaned the cervix with some kind of pink soap, shot some super shooting dye in, took a few pictures, DONE.

The doctor leaves with nurse and I jump off the table to get dressed. I did stop the timer before I got dressed - I thought it was unfair to count that time.

The total time - 5 minutes 14 seconds.

The HSG shows no blockages and a nice looking uterus.

I did have initial cramping during and immediatly after the HSG. And I started "spotting" (heavy at times) right after the HSG. I am watching the spotting to see if it turns into heavy bleeding. Right now I would call it more than spotting, but not heavy bleeding. Kind of like the bleeding you would get on day 3 of your period.

I got a paper that said some spotting is normal, but if I am heavy bleeding to call the office.

But, I did not feel faint, or in a lot of pain. So, overall it was a good experience.


Who Needs Patience? said...

glad to hear everything went well with the HSG! That is amazing it only took 5 minutes!

Jessica said...

Hey Amy, just saw your blog....hope you get a big fat POSITIVE soon.


Busted said...

I'm glad to hear your HSG was not bad!

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