Friday, February 15, 2008

Work has started

My last post said that work would be starting today. It actually started early - on Wednesday. The contractor wanted to get started because another one of his jobs was outside and it was pouring so that meant he could work inside on our house.

It was sad to see that on Wednesday when I got home that most of the frame work in the bathroom was gone. They took it down to re-do it. It is amazing how much 2x4s make a room look like a room. Without the boards there it looked like we took a million steps backwards.

BUT - when I got home yesterday, the frame work was back up and the bathroom was completely covered in drywall.

Today the tub will be tiled and the laundry room will be drywalled. I can't believe it. I took some pictures this morning, so I will have to load them tonight along with any pictures that I take today.

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