Monday, June 1, 2009

Not really feeling movement

I post a little while ago that I thought I had felt some movement. It felt like bubbles popping. I was kinda excited that this was the start of movement, but I really don't think so. I have not had these feeling since then. Sometimes I think I feel something, but then I realize that it is just me breathing, not movement.

I keep reading here and there that "people" have felt movement themselves at xyz weeks and their husband could feel movement at xyz weeks.

Well, at a few days shy of 23 weeks, you would think that at a minimum I would feel movement myself. Let alone my husband as well.

I know every pregnancy is different and I should not compare - but it makes me nervous not to feel anything. Yes, I know - there are women out there that have the plancenta in a certain spot and therefore never feel anything. Who knows, I might be one of those women.

I guess I felt like I was gettting to a point that daily movement would be a daily reassurance that the pregnancy was still viable. And now with no sense of movement, it is doing the total opposite.

I have an OB appointment on Friday, not sure if I should call them sooner just to see if I can come in for a quick heartbeat check. At least that would settle my nerves a bit.

Maybe just typing this will kick start things :)


Leah said...

Awww...I'm sorry! It is nerve wracking to not feel them and it is nerve wracking to feel them! I wish you had a doppler. I'm still using mine on a regular basis. If I don't feel movement for a few hours I freak out and check the heartbeat. Everything has been great for you so far and I'm sure it's still good! Remember you could see baby moving on ultrasound but couldn't feel? You'll get there!!

Lana said...

I am addicted to your blog. I gave you an award. Check out my blog to see it

Cll (Fingerbang) said...

Definitely drink some juice or have something with sugar. That usually wakes them up. You are still pretty early on so I wouldn't be too nervous. Did you talk to your doc?

Sisrea said...

lurker here, but i wanted to comment because i know how frustrating it could be, with my duo i didn't feel them move until 19 wks, and even then it was sporatic, very, sporatic. I didn't actually start feeling them move every single day until 28wks. I later found out at i think 33wks that i had an anterior placenta that plays a major factor in this!!

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