Monday, June 8, 2009

100% Diaper Free

I wish you could see the excitement on my face as I type this. We are 100% diaper free!

We have been training Lil J since he arrived in March. It was much harder than when I trained Colin. He would be great for a while, and then not. It was just really frustrating.

After a while, we decided to do potty training boot camp. Basically, ready or not, you put the kid in underwear - sure you should expect accidents, but the kids hate being wet, so if they are ready, then the kid (supposedly) should train in a week.

Not this kid. I was actually getting pretty frustrated with changing wet clothes several times a day, that after almost a week of boot camp, I went back to diapers (well, pull ups to be exact).

I still had him go on the potty often, but I really said to myself, "don't get upset if he pees (or poops) in the diaper" Well, we did this for a few more weeks - but also was really reinforcing going on the potty.

We worked our way up to 2.5 hours in between potty visits, which is super! He has been dry overnight and when napping for weeks now.

So, last week, I decided that it was time. He was consistently going in potty, and would have the same pull-up on all day. Not really sure why I picked the day I did, I still have about 1/2 a pack of diapers left, so "I don't have any more" was not the reason.

Well, whatever the reason - it is working. Not only has he NOT had one accident, but he is telling me when he has to poop. He is still not really telling me when he has to pee, but we go to the potty every 2.5 hours or so.

I will slowly add more time in between potty visits, and I am sure he will tell me soon enough.

And this is the biggest of news!!!!! No diapers means no more changing poopy diapers, which means no more getting sick from changing poopy diapers.

I wish that would mean that I have stopped throwing up, but it does not - now I am just dry heaving in the morning, or throwing up after I take a pill. Totally not fair to still be puking at 24 (almost) weeks.

So, yay - NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!!


Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

Sounds like a win-win situation! Way to go Lil J!

Carolyn said...

How old? Our little one is 23 months. We're finally in underpants, but not during naps or overnight. :)

Megan K said...

Great job!

Leah said...

I can't believe you have been throwing up this long. Ugh. Hope all is well. Are you feeling movment yet?

So awesome that J is doing so well. Yay!!

Lana said...

Way to go Lil J!!!!

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