Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2 Updates

Pregnancy Update:
I called the doc because of the lack of feeling - oh, yeah, and I think I am having contractions (hoping just Braxton Hicks), some spotting the other day, and my urine is a weird dark orange color. So, I am going today instead of Friday. I will update when I get back.

Appointment Update:
The baby is fine. My office has you collect urine at home because they like first morning urine. Well, since I made the appointment at 9am this morning, I had obviously already peed. So, I used the urine from the next time I went to the bathroom. Again, a weird dark orange color.

I go to the docs, give them my urine and they ask, "this is your urine??? looks like fruit juice" Thanks, that is making me feel better.

They dip the urine, I have blood in my urine, a measurable amount, not just a trace. And I have some bacteria. Yup - bladder/Urinary Tract infection.

The infection is the reason for the odd colored urine, the doc said it could also be the reason for the braxton hicks, and the blood was probably from my urethra, not the cervix or uterus.


She did a internal exam (ouch) and found no blood and my cervix was perfect. She also did a heatbeat check and found the heartbeat right away and commented that the baby was moving like crazy. How she got that from a doppler, I have no clue - but as she was saying it, I could still not feel anything. She reassured me that it is totally normal and I should be able to feel something soon.

She also basically said that she was glad I listened to my gut feeling, because if I waited until my appointment on Friday, I would have probably developed the painful symptoms of the UTI. She gave me some meds and hopefully it is clear up.

So, everything is A-OK :)

Oh yeah - I did gain 2 pounds. Which brings me up to a negative 3 since seeing the OB and negative 7 since getting my BFP. Basically, I am not even at my pre-preg weight yet.

Lil J:
He is scheduled for another visit today. I got feedback from the last visit. Apparently, his mother is mad that Lil J calls me mommy. Whatever, I am made that she does not take care of her kid.

The caseworker had to get special permission or some kind of grant to pay for her train fare. Not sure if they will be able to pay for it all the time and I also don't know if it is just the train fare for trains in our state.

Anyway, last week, the worker called when she was about 20 minutes away. I thought the same would have happened this week as well. Well, no call yet, and if the schedule was the same as last time, I should have gotten a call about 20 minutes ago.

Of course I do not have the number of the aide that is doing the transportation, I guess I will just have to wait and hope for a call soon. If I do get a call by noon - well, I will call my case worker and find out the status. Especially since I have my OB appoint later this afternoon - I really can't wait around all day.

Again, I will update as I get more info on both topics.

Lil J Update:
The visit went as planned. I was MUCH better emotionally than I was last week. Actually, I did not shed a tear at all. People said it would get better, I guess just the first one was so hard.

Again, Lil J showed no emotions toward her. Yes, he did recognize her and did not cry when I left. But there was nothing obvious that he actually knew who she was. When I picked him up, he again did the "mommy, mommy" thing. Whatever, he has bonded to me, and I sure as hell am not going to tell him that his actions are wrong.

When I get there, his mom asked if I had 5 minutes, the way she asked it, it sounded like she wanted to speak to me in private. Nope, she had been trying to get in touch with her boyfriend for the entire length of the visit because she wanted Lil J to talk to him.

Disclaimer - the next set of info is not confidential to his case, the boyfriend has nothing to do with her case plan and therefore things she tells me about him can be shared.

The mom flat out says in a VERY casual way, "yeah, I have been trying to reach him, but you know, he is in jail so it is kinda hard to get a hold of him"

Um, yeah -
1) thanks for sharing; and
2) Lil J really needs to hear that.

So, she does get him and they chat for a bit. Oh, have I mentioned that the boyfriend and my husband have the same name. To say Lil J was confused on the phone would be an understatement.

Visits are now scheduled as a weekly thing. We will see how it goes.


Lana said...

Wow!! I really don't know what to say about this woman. She is such a character. I hope that this all works out for lil J. I nominated you for another award, if you get the time please stop by to see it.

Leah said...

Waiting on an update!! Hope all is well!!

Isn't it amazing that these mom's feel all entitled? They won't/can't take care of their own children and get all pissy when they bond with another person. WHat do they think will happen? You are doing a great thing fostering him. I don't have it in me!! Way to go girl!

Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

I am so glad you are okay and were able to get that UTI under wraps early.
As for Lil J's mom seems like a piece of work.
Again, he's lucky to have you,YH, & Collin for stablity. Hang in there!

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