Thursday, June 11, 2009

24 Weeks

I am 24 weeks pregnant today - this is a big day for me. Some people will look at the title and think there is nothing big deal about being 24 weeks pregnant.

At 24 weeks, you are not entering the 3rd trimester, you have already had your "big" ultrasound, the sex of the baby has long been determined, most people will probably be showing by now, and even probably have felt movement.

So, what is so special about 24 weeks?

At 24 weeks, the baby is considered viable on the outside. Now, would I ever wish someone to have a baby at 24 weeks, no. But, it is at this point, that if the baby was in fact born, the doctors could possibly save them.

Yes, the baby would be in a NICU for months, many months of touch and go situations, many months of uncertainty. But, the baby would have a CHANCE.

I am planning on staying pregnant for many many more weeks, but just knowing that we have a chance is huge for me.


Lauren said...

I felt the SAME WAY when I hit 24!

Alyssa said...


Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

Way to make it to viabilty!!
Can't wait to find out whether it's a he or she!

Lana said...

I will be cheering you on

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