Tuesday, June 23, 2009

100 days to go...

I totally logged on to write a very different post. But, when I logged on, I noticed that I have only 100 days left until my due date.

Um, wow. 100 days left. And I can't believe that I did not even know it.

I remember when I was planning my wedding, 100 days seemed right around the corner, but still with SO much left to do.

But, yet - 100 days seems really far away still. I am finally feeling movement on a semi-regular basis, still not enough for anyone other than me to notice. I am finally showing. And not kinda showing, but REALLY showing. Of course I look more pregnant while wearing a maternity shirt. But lucky for me, most of my regular shirts still fit.

I really need to get a pair of capris or something other than jeans, which I only have one pair of anyway. It is just getting pretty hot here and jeans are not gonna cut it much longer. I did go and try on a bunch of stuff last week, but I hated them all. Seriously, when are tapered capris ever a good thing?

Anyway, so, I have 100 days left, and tomorrow I will have even less than that.

So, the other topics will have to wait. To ease the suspense, there were two:

- Court tomorrow
- Don't know the sex, probably won't ever have a name.

At least I will have 2 more days of blog posts :)

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