Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I think this cycle is a bust

I like to test early. I have explained my theory on this several times. But, so far I have gotten negatives. By 12 dpo the last time, I already had a positive pregnancy test.

I know, I know - I say it all the time. You are not out until a negative beta. I would love to follow that advice myself - but I really doubt this will be a successful cycle - which I am fine with. I just want to move on if it is negative.

I am on progesterone so that probably means that I will not get my period until after I stop taking it. So, I have to wait until Friday to get my negative beta and then get the instuctions to stop the progesterone.

And before anyone says, "maybe you just ovulated late" - if that is the case than this cycle is busted without a doubt.

I was out of town on the day that I ovulated. We did what we had to do right before I left (day of trigger). so, if I ovulated late, then there is basically no chance at all. Even if my husband had super duper sperm - the likihood of them living 7 days is slim to none.

I knew this cycle would be a "hoping a praying" cycle anyway - it still sucks that even with meds, we just can't get it right.

Next cycle will be IUI again. Not sure if I will just deal with the clomid side effect, ask for femara, or do injectables. The only thing that "scares" me about injectables is amount of monitoring appointments. Yes, I know I am lucky to have insurance. Trust me I KNOW! But, paying a large co-pay for each office visit get really expensive when you have so many appointments in a cycle.

If in fact this cycle is busted, I will talk to the doctor on my Cd 3 testing.

Unlike last time, if (when) I get a postive, I will post it here.


Christi said...
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Lisa said...

I'm sorry, Amy. I'm still going to hold out hope for you, though.

I hear you on the co-pays. At RMA, I paid $50 every single time I walked in the door. Added up over two years and 9 different cycles, it's alot of money!

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