Saturday, May 10, 2008

Almost there

The house is not done - but the contractor's stuff is 99% done.

We still have lots of stripping to do, the floors need to be re-finished, still some painting and a bunch of little things that we have to do.

So, we we have been slowly "unpacking". For the past 2 years all of our stuff has been in our extra bedroom.

It was like seeing the things for the first time again. Most things I got for my shower and we moved only 6 months after we got married. So, there was a lot of stuff that I forgot that we even had.

So, we have put everything in it's place, and did MAJOR cleaning. I even mopped and waxed the floors. I wanted to make the floors shine even though we will be sanding them down in the very near future

It still is not clean clean, but most of the dirt is at a minimum.

So, now we need to start decorating........if I only had a clue how to do that LOL

I started making a list of all the thing that we would like to buy - but are not really NEEDED right now. Things like a new mailbox, new numbers for the house, a SS garbage can, a SS knife block, area rugs, new kichen table, living room tables, nice recycle bins, etc, etc, etc.

All of these things we can live without right now - but they are wants.........and I WANT them!

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