Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Tiger is blind in one eye..

Huh, the tiger is blind in one eye?

We are back from the shore. I really was a great weekend. We went to a zoo that is basically a rescue place for all types of non-domestic animals. Most have been rescued from other zoos, some from a circus, some were "pets" that got too big.

Most of the animals there had a little sign with their story. Where they came from, how they got there, etc. There was a tiger that was originally someones pet (??) and it was brought to another sanctuary. That sanctuary closed and the tiger was sent to this place. But somehow along the way, the tiger became blind in one eye. Yeah, well every animal that we saw (and I mean every animal), Colin would say "yeah, well the tiger is blind in one eye"

It became a joke. We were even saying it when it did not make any sense.

It was a great weekend. A much needed break.

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