Thursday, September 6, 2007

Make it Grand

Do you wonder what it means?

Well, a few years ago I started a favor business. Mostly on ebay, though. I was trying to think of a name that was not "Amy's Favors" or basically anything that had my first or last name in it. It makes is seem too "I do this out of my basement". So, my last name (well, my madien name) has the word "Grand" in it. So, this guy at work said, "why not Make it Grand"? He then also gave me the tag line of "Why have a great event, when you can Make it Grand?"

It stuck.

I still use this as my name, but now I also look at the catch phase as a personal motto. Why do something good/great if you can make it grand. It reminds me to savor everyday and live life to the fullest.

In case you are wondering, I started a little website as well. Right now it does not have any other the favors on it. I am just doing free designs for announcements/invitations/holiday cards and I started selling quilts as well.

I started to the free designs to keep me busy. It really does pass the time and make me less stressed about IF issues. The quilts are because I gave them to a "nestie" who is having triplets. Yes, triplets. 35 people from my local board went to a shower for this nestie and over 100 girls chipped in to buy her the triplet stroller.

Well, everyone at the shower loved the quilts and suggested that I sell them. Here is the Website (Make it Grand, etc)

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