Monday, September 10, 2007

If relaxing = Pregnant

If relaxing = pregnant then I should be pregnant with about 6 babies now.

This whole summer was just about chilling out. We are on a IF break until Nov. So, we did not think about anything. Did not care about timing, did not chart, no bloodwork, nothing.

Also, we have been really lucky that my parents have a shore house. We have been there 2 times already (going again this weekend - yeah); plus so much more. Here are just some of our "relaxing" this summer

  • Going to the shore 3 times
  • Sleeping until 9 am on the weekends (most weekends)
  • multiple BBQs
  • a movie a week - our local place has mid week specials
  • Planning a fall girls only cruise
  • Company picnics
  • 2 local plays
  • general kicking back

I really wish that was the answer. Relax and you will get pregnant.

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